Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 7: The Age of Imperialism

Homework Questions for Wednesday 6/24. This homework is due at the beginning of school on Thursday 6/25.

Vocabulary Map Vocabulary:
Berlin Conference
Social Darwinism
Sphere of Influence
Economic Imperialism
Menelik II
Boer War
Shaka Zulu
King Leopold II
Scramble for Africa
Ottoman Empire
Armenian Genocide
Suez Canal
Muhammad Ali
"jewel in the crown"
Sepoy Mutiny
Ram Mohun Roy
Opium War
Boxer Rebellion
Open Door Policy
John Hayes

Reading Questions:
1. What are the European motives of Imperialism?
2. How was Imperialsim able to spread through Africa and Asia so quickly?
3. What are the forms of Imperial Rule?
4. What factors shaped each of the main regions of Africa? (North, South, East, West)
5. How did Ethiopia resist European rule?
6. How was the economy of India transformed by the British?
7. How did the scramble for African colonies begin?
8. How did the Berlin Conference decide the fate of Africa?
9. What caused the sepoy Mutiny?
10. How was western imperialism a source of stress in muslim regions of the world?
11. How did Egypt fall into the hands of British Control?
12. How did westerns get trading rights in China in the 1800's?
13. Why were natural resources of Africa and Asia important to Europeans in the 1800's?
14. How did western industrial powers gain global empires?

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